Favourite seating colours and Designs

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happy bus
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19 Jan 2010, 13:12 #1

Blue Leather: I was brought up mainly with the blue leather of the D/DFs. I liked these seats I always found them comfortable. The only problem was if it was
a hot day you would stick to them.

Green: New with the bombardiers. With the majority of the buses in tan and with blue leather seats, the green livery and seating felt very modern. These seats
were to become the main seating. The KCs the Dart and the RH class would have the green.

Grey. These were the rare seats. They were grey colouring with a stripe at either end, I think. I believe they were new with the 93 RHs but I could be wrong. I
was not a fan but being a rare thing made them stick out.

Cityswift: These seats were my favourite. The colours and the pattern looked good. The grey with all the colours of the rainbow down the middle. Loved it.

The recent i like, second only to the Cityswift. Very colourful. Was it 98 they came in. Around a long time now.

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My favourite is the grey 'doggy' seats on the old VC's (Bus Eireann) from 1994-1998, they were also on the VP's, VR's and others up until a
few years ago. I hate the seats on the LC's and LD's, both the colour/design of them and in particular the hardness of them. The SP's seats are
nice, the majority of them have leather around the edges and the grey doggy seats in the middle, i actually don't like the full leather seats on some of
the SP's (SP19-SP22), they are not very comfortable and very easy to slide off themImage.

On Dublin Bus, my favourite types of seats would be on the RV's and the VT's. I don't like the AW's seating.

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19 Jan 2010, 16:02 #3

Most of he CityImps had they grey seating with the red an yellow stripes..

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19 Jan 2010, 17:07 #4

The Ringsend RAs had the grey with two sets of green stripes per bench. By far the best..though can't imagine they'd not be coloured in for too long Image

Cityswift next and probably the green next.

The current lot was first seen by me on RH171 I think..so mcuh so I waited to board it than my normal bus home..
Sorry love, I'm only going to the Barn

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Not sure if I have a favourite, but the WORST ones I have experienced are:

D2 (upper saloon) which had moulded plywood seats, dreadful if the bus went round a corner -- no grip and there was the potential to slide off the seat!!!

And the single plastic seats which were fitted around the sidewalls of the old push pull trains in the 1970s, giving a huge standing area in the centre of the

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19 Jan 2010, 19:26 #6

I saw the moulded seats once described as "suitable for vandals to travel on".

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19 Jan 2010, 21:10 #7

loved the kc seats in the green with the nice head rest

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I dont remember the seating on the RH170s so I cant make a judgement on them. However, the Cityswift would coe second with the Cityimp one a close second.
But the green comes first simply because its a classic. The one they use now is nothing compared to the green or the others three.

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Happy Bus the new seating trim is called seals and beachballs and i frist saw them on the 1999 RVs

Mad Ringo
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20 Jan 2010, 01:22 #10

Liked the grey trim in the later RH's.

Hated the blue vinyl as seen on the D's, looked horrible & cheap, and you stuck to it on a hot day!