Posts containing photos of the recent history of bus operations, from February 1987 until 2009.
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In summer 2006 I posted that I had seen KC95 at a location near Dublin. Given the location, it was important not to encourage sightseers and photographers, so
I did not disclose the location. Eamon McArthur was aware of the location, and that the premises were not willing to discuss sale or preservation of the bus.
He noted more than a year ago that the bus had disappeared from this location, where to I do not know. But I can confirm that it is definitely not in the
location where I saw and photographed it in 2006.

I would also appreciate if posters did not speculate on the board as to where the photo was taken. All I can say is that this is KC95 as it was in summer 2006.


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looks a bit shabby but restoreable ,hope it didnt get scrapped. it would be nice to see it preserved

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It was shabby allright, but certainly not restorable. This vehicle was scrapped last year as it was causing problems for its owner (homeless persons
sleeping/drinking/living in the bus). As complete as it looks the engine, gearbox and most of the essential electrics were removed before it ended up where it
did. The middle doors and the surrounding interior parts were removed for the restoration for another preserved KC (not KC48) with full permission and
knowledge of KC95's owner in January 2006, hence the plywood green "doors" that are seen in the picture gnr302 took, ah the memories!
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Was this a Donnybrook bus?

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a quick note to add to kc48s comments

the bus could not be sold for preservation as offically it was not owned by the holder but rather on a long term loan from dublin bus .it donated a lot of
parts for another preserved kc including valuable interior sections with full permission .it was a donnybrook kc and i enjoyed many times in its company in its
location above where i kept a good look over it and organised the aquisition of the parts for its donor bus

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Scrapped - 05/07