Manchester Ship Canal

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09 May 2013, 08:48 #1

Some photos of a visit to the Barton Swinging Aqueduct.  A truly amazing feat of Victorian engineering.
With the closure of Salford docks to Commercial traffic, the aqueduct and the road bridge are now only opened on average three times per week.  But as luck would have it, at the time of my visit a dredger was at work along that stretch of the MSC and came along right on cue so I got to see the whole operation.
The aqueduct is swung with the water "on board" and the total weight of water and steelwork is 1200 tons!  It was opened in 1894 and still works perfectly today.
Oh, yes.  Its just a mile from the Trafford Centre so it was no problem finding gainful employment for SWMBO while I visited!
Enjoy ... ... hotostream
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10 May 2013, 08:54 #2

I saw a piece on a TV news magazine recently about the increase of traffic on the canal, with
particular emphasis on bulk movements and savings on haulage from the Mersey ports.

The "Coastal Deniz" of Coastal Containers also featured.

I suspecrt in my case SWMBO would expect me to push the trolley !