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31 Jan 2010, 16:24 #1

Hi all. Has anyone got any plans or ambitions they would like to do with buses this year. I jotted a good few down that I would like to achieve within this year. First up I would like to do a VT21-70 fest. Hopefully I will be able to start this week. I would like to vary the routes they appear on.,10,37.38,39s,70 and the euro duties. I will do a little piece on each one, my experience on each one. It will be easy at first but as the numbers dwindle, it will become more difficult to track the missing ones but that is part of the fun.

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31 Jan 2010, 21:56 #2

My (online) plans are to track down photos of EVERY Dublin Bus Olympian (both with D.B. and sold off) and link to them on my Olympian fleet history page. I also hope to get more work done on a listing of Irish Bedford, AEC, Ford, Albion and Daimler buses, and hopefully put them online sometime before 2015...............

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02 Feb 2010, 04:35 #3

Should probarbly keep this to myself , but , I am examining the possibility of becomming a bus operator myself this year , while I like the idea of showing the rest of the industry here in Ireland how to do it properly , it is a cut-throat industry , so I still have some further thinking to do.