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Sometime in the early to mid Seventies fleet numbers (white on black background) were applied to the roof's
of the DCS fleet.  It was said at the time that the reason was so Radio Room Inspectors could see them from the Second Floor
windows of 59 Upper O'Connell St.   Can anyone confirm this to be fact ?

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Yes, this is correct. They had rooftop fleet numbers, and I understood the reason was so that buses could be identified from Head Office. At that stage there was no AVL (Automatic vehicle location), but there was radio contact with buses. Drivers were queried as to location, and some drivers were inclined to give wrong location if they were running too early! There were stories of drivers saying they were in Camden St., while at the same time the controller saw the bus passing Head Office!

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There was a camera on 59 O'Connell St also if I remember correctly another camera looking back at OConnell Bridge. Saw rooftop numbers on tv screen in Summerhill control room around that time before starting a shift one afternoon