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I know we've had similar topics like this in recent times but what i'm going to ask is what is your favourite bus of every type? As in what is your favourite RV, your favourite VT, your favourite EV etc, or your favourite VC, your favourite MH, your favourite SP etc etc.... You could give just 1 favourite or up to 3 favourites, and you can list the 1 or 2 or 3 numbers of the type of bus that you don't like or that you like least, that is if you have one that you don't like or like the least.
I will start us off.
Dublin Bus
My favourite RV would be RV629, 2nd favourite RV is RV514, 3rd favourite is RV501. I don't have an RV that i don't like.
My favourite AV is AV235, 2nd place is AV285, 3rd place AV130, (i'm caught between AV70, AV128 & AV130). I don't like AV123, AV126, AV283 or AV421
Favourite AX - AX494, AX545, AX635, I can't think of any others that had an affect on me, though i've been on alot of them.
Favouritre DT - DT6 then DT5.
Favourite VT - VT5
Favourite EV - all of them
Favourite VG - i like most of them too, but Airlink VG45 is one of my fav one's.
Favourite WV - WV47, WV52, WV i think 25 or 39 or something like that, one of those Summerhill one's was very good but i can't remember the number of it.
I like WH1.
I can't remember what RA's and RH's i was on years and years ago so i will leave that up to people who have experience with those buses, same also with the VL's. I think i've included all buses that were around in the past 15 years approx, but i'm only going back to the RH's, and you can add in what other types you liked aswell if you so wish.
Bus Eireann
Favourite VC (96, 97 & 98 D reg type) - VC105, 2nd VC104, 3rd VC127. I love all of them.
Favourite VC (94 & the two 95 D reg type, which had split windscreens) Favourite VC22, VC19, VC17, also liked VC6 and VC8. Don't have a least favourite, although VC20 used to be a heap of junk but then it was good before it went on schools - Typical! LOL. VC18 was also a bit of a heap but she was an animal to go, great power in it.
Favourite VP - VP96, 2nd - VP334, 3rd - VP79 (a 98 D reg Eurolines bus from Letterkenny), and i also liked VP114 (01 reg Broadstone based Eurolines bus which used to be on the 32 to Letterkenny from about 2001 - 2004. I hate VP318, VP333 was a bit of heap aswell, and VP345 has no radio in itImage.
Favourite MH - MH24, 2nd MH28, 3rd MH31. Didn't like MH17 when it was outbased in Kingscourt about 8 or 9 years ago, and MH7 is the worst in my books cos i caught my hand in the door of it a few years ago LOL
Favourite SC (01 D reg) - SC7, 2nd SC13, 3rd SC22. Least favourite - SC6 (which used to be my favourte for a few years when she was new but she's very very tatty these days) and SC26 is a bit rough. I always hated SC25 but she went on fire 4 or 5 years ago so that suits me fineImage.
Favourite SC (04 reg) SC47, then SC56, then SC51. Least Fav - SC49, SC65. SC71 is a bit rough aswell.
Favourite SC (07 reg, white or red with 07 D reg) - Favourite SC240, then SC207, then SC230. Don't have a least favourite.
Favourite SC (08 reg, red or some of the 08 reg white one's, with 08 reg) SC251, SC274, SC272. Don't have a least favourite.
Favourite VG - VG9, VG8, VG20. Least favourite - VG12.
Favourite VC300 type (with 03 D reg) - VC325, VC324, VC305. Least fav - VC329, VC302, VC328. Loved VC319 but unfortunatel we lost her to fire in October 2007.
Favourite VC200 type (the 01 D reg which were leased from 2001-2004) VC214, VC207, VC215. Didn't have a least favourite as i liked them all.
Favourite SP (05 D reg) - SP25, SP22, SP8. Least favourite - SP19, SP28. Heard yesterday that SP27 {in Ballina} has no radio in it now so that is one is on the list now tooImage.
Favourite SP (06 D reg) - SP56, SP58, SP65. Least favourite SP36, SP54-cos the radio is gone completely out of it, SP63, SP85. SP89 (tri axel) aswell, i don't like that bus.
Favourite SP (07 reg, and 08 D reg tour buses) SP98, SP101, SP97. Least favourite - SP94 cos the door doesn't close properly on it. I was only on SP104 and SP106 of the 08 tour reg's and they are both nice. I don't have much experience with the 07 and 08 reg type, i'm on the 06 D reg type all the time.
Favourite DVH - DVH6, DVH18, DVH13. Least fav - DVH11
Favourote PD - PD59, PD58, PD33, PD29, PD24, PD2. Least fav - PD16.
Favourite PL - PL98, PL115, PL75, PL67. Least fav - PL86, PL80, PL105
I was only on PL61 of the highliner type and it was a very short distance, shunting, so i don't have experience with them.
Favourite TE - TE33, TE16, TE21, TE37.
Favourite LD - LD223, LD232, LD228, LD225. Least fav - LD206, LD214.
Favourite LC (expressway type) - None of them, but at a push (of the big door type...) LC4, LC2.  Of the normal LC's... - LC6, LC19. Least fav - LC5.
Of the commuter LC's, my 'favourite' would be LC219, then LC218. Least fav - LC204.
Favourite VR - VR22, VR15, VR27, VR28, VR35, VR55. Least favourite - VR12, VR25, VR40.
Favourite SR - SR5, SR22, SR26, SR1, SR2. Least favourite SR11, SR18, SR28.
Favourite DD - DD30, DD13, DD16.
Favourite DWR  - DWR9, DWR1, DWR10. Least favourite DWR8
Favourite ML - ML110, ML107, ML109. Hated ML108.
Favourite ME - ME210, ME201, ME202.
Favourite AM - AM7. Not too fond of AM8 as it's very rattley.
Favourite long type DPC - DPC18.
Favourite mini DPC - DPC106. I hated DPC103 with a passion.
I've been on alot of VWL's, some SL's, VWD's and MC's but i wouldn't have much experience with them. I've no experienve with the VWM's or DWM's as i've never been on them, or the DA's, VA's, AD's, P's or VW's.
If i've left anything out please feel free to include it. Looking forward to hearing your opinions.
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vg21 or 13

wv is 35

dt havent got any

rv618 or 625

aw is 14


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AV - I don't like any of the ones I've been on but when the AVs were not so bad and quite new AV38 and AV436 were very nice.
DA - Don't really remember these well enough to know fleet numbers but DA10 was always a good one. I hated DA7.
DD - only been on the Cork ones of which DD31 is the best and DD32 is the worst
DP - these were all absolute heaps but DP10 was the least bad. DP9 was rotten and I never had much time for DP1 either.
DPC - this is like asking which Governement minister I most like but at a push DPC7 and DPC8 were the least bad ones I ever went on.
KC/KD/KR - wasn't interested enough back then, didn't know what a "KC" was until a few years ago, to me there were single deck buses and double deck buses and it was always a disappointment not to get a decker. KR was the buses they had in Limerick as far as I was concerned(because on one of the very rare occasions I've travelled on Limerick city services I happened to be go on a bus with the "red seats" and I knew all Cork buses had green seats.
SC - not keen on any tbh, SC46 is one I don't like because last time I was on it the air conditioning would only clean the windscreen if there was cold air meaning that we all froze going to Tralee(it was raining on the day in question)
SL - don't like any of them, SL16, SL20 and SL25 would be the least bad. SL4, SL10, SL12, SL13, SL17, SL18, SL24 are very rattly and are wearing even less well then the others(quite an achievement).
SP - SP77 impressed me very much recently, I like any of the Cork SPs.
SR - hate them, they removed the VCs which is not good.
VA - loved VA5, VA1 decided to go on a go slow one day so that is my least favourite.
VC, the B10M Caetano Algarve type - didn't go on them often enough to have a least favourite but VC40 was a great VC
VC B10M/Caetano Enigma - never travelled on these
VC, Volvo B12B/Caetano Enigma - loved VC314 when rather new, haven't been on it in years though, was not impressed with VC313 last time I was on that one though.
VP - not on these often enough sadly but I always liked VP342(even though I hear it is one of the more troublesome ones)
VR - hated them, no favourite
VW - loved them all, VW3,VW4 and VW5 were especially good though
VWD - adore all of them, stunning buses, best is probably VWD10 but all are outstanding, VWD6 is probably the worst but it is still brilliant and in fairness that one has considerably higher mileage than the others, so that probably means mechanically it is the best of the lot
VWL, the B10L/Wright Liberator type - I refuse to vote on this, all are excellent, VWL9 is probably slightly weaker than the others and bouncy(VWL1) was an absolute heap, the rest are superb though. VWL6 is especially nice.
VWL, the B10BLE/Wright Renown type - again this is hard because all are really super machines but VWL119 is that bit stronger and takes off like Michael Schumacher. Worst is VWL104 which is as slow as a funeral.
VWL, the B7L/Wright Eclipse Metro type - some of these are excellent, VWL140,142 and 144 are very, very good especially VWL144; VWL124,130 and 132 deserve an honourable mention but others are piles of poo, VWL120,121,122 and 129 are very bad, especially 120 and 122. 128 used to be great but has disimproved considerably.
VWL, the B7RLE/Wright Eclipse Urban type - VWL158 is the best of the lot, but when Cork had more of them I had a soft spot for VWL169,170,173 and 177. I also loved VWL147 when it was here. Least favourite is probably VWL167 and VWL149 just never did it for me either.  
VWM - never liked these either but they are much better than a DPC from a comfort point of view plus they are much better made. VWM9 was especially bad, VWM6 was nice (for a VWM).
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EV48 and EV17 are my favourite EVs

AV63 and AV285,

RV463,514 and RV501

VG29 is my favourite VG

VT21 and VT48,

WV37 and WV42

AW2 is my favourite AW

AX516 and AX624 are my favourite AXs.

happy bus
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My favourites
RV624, RV625, RV631.
EV56, EV69.
VT21,VT48, same as rv463.

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RV440-445, RV333, RV530. I got RV440-445 from new on the 54A..great buses even last year.
RA200, RA202, RA297
AV400-408, AV1, AV353
RH174, RH71, RH104
EV54 (got it tonight Image ), EV56
VT21, VT67, VT4
RV448, RV473, RV628
RA292, RA197, RA232
AV204-210, AV311, AV246
RH172, RH170
AX...much easier Image .....550-570, AX525, AX519
EV63, EV59
Sorry love, I'm only going to the Barn

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VT21 seems to be a popular favourite. Long may be on the 51B.

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I forgot about the AW's. I absolutely hate them, but in my opinion the best of a bad bunch would be AW8, and worst AW11, thats a piece of junk, such rattles and shakes, though 8 is a flyer.
I like all the EV's, and although EV64 (the wedding bus from Conygham Road) does not seem to be very popular with many people here, i was on it just the once which was about 6 - 7 weeks ago, and i thought it was a lovely bus, apart from the (upstairs) where the door that covers the destination (upstairs at the front window, i can't find the correct words to describe itImage), apart from that which rattled a little bit it didn't bother me at all. Although EV52 or EV62 let me down a few weeks before Christmas when it broke down, it was actually EV62 i think, on Route 151, so i hold a grudge against it for that reason but besides that i love all the EV's, VT's, DT's and especially the RV's, and also WH1 even though its a bit sluggish to take off, the engine noise is very very quiet and its a very comfortable bus.

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I must take a tour on WH1 some time to see what it's like.
For me there is nothing like being upstairs on a VT. I love the interior, the noise and feel of it when in motion. I hope they will be well looked after so they still have a strong appeal in the future.

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VC105 wrote:apart from the (upstairs) where the door that covers the destination (upstairs at the front window, i can't find the correct words to describe itImage), apart from that which rattled a little bit it didn't bother me at all.
A hell of a lot of EV's do that and it's very annoying.